Why Maestro

Maestro Travel Pty Ltd (Maestro) is not another Agency network. You will not need to change your Agency’s franchise or your commercial affiliation, to enjoy the benefits that Maestro can offer you.

Maestro is an exclusive ‘coterie’ open to invitees only.

Our aim is to empower Travel Agents to control the choice of product, the delivery of product and the distribution of product. We guarantee that we will improve your yield and ensure your competitiveness in a tough market.


How it Works 

To enable us to do this, we are creating partnerships between carefully selected on-location Destination Marketing Companies’ (DMC’s) and specially invited Travel Agencies. Maestro will act as the facilitator, and will take responsibility for the selection of the on-location suppliers. Maestro Travel will provide reliable, safe and highly competitive travel products which will enable you to increase your margins. Membership of Maestro offers your agency access to the world’s best suppliers, fabulous pricing and ongoing training. Other advantages include:

  • An end to shrinking margins.
  • Control over price.
  • Efficiency increases – no more 40 minute waits on the phone for wholesalers and no more waiting for documentation. The result is improved staff and business productivity every day.
  • A point of difference in a homogenous market. Only Maestro members will have access to these prices.
  • No total reliance upon wholesalers. You will be in control.
  • Control over product selection.
  • Guaranteed personal training and famils.
  • Group buying power and reach.

We will put you in direct contact with the On-Location Suppliers in the destinations that you require. In some destinations there may be two or more partners, each offering different types of service. We will be available to help you choose which is most appropriate. You will be able to gain immediate information, pricing and great ideas from the true on the ground experts. You will be able to build itineraries and receive fast quotes and confirmations – no middle man, and no waiting on the phone for a Res department to pick-up.

All quotes and invoices will be handled by Maestro Travel, and given to you in AUD. You don’t have to worry about dealing in foreign currencies, and your business does not carry any FX risk at all.


Additional Benefits

Maestro will always be there for support. We will be your in-house ‘product advisors’. Maestro has experts who are skilled and knowledgeable, and who will be available to you every day. If you have a problem with a supplier, we will sort it out for you. If you have a client with you and you want immediate advice, we will be there for you.

Maestro Head Office will provide most of the benefits of all the major wholesalers without any of the delays, restrictions and inflated prices which exert downward pressure on your profitability. These benefits include:

  • Professional training from Maestro staff and from our On-Location Suppliers.
  • Product back-up from experienced and knowledgeable staff.
  • A direct relationship with the On-Location Suppliers and the ability to ask them questions or even to request new product.
  • Increased famil options for your staff.
  • A professional website with direct access from consumer to agent, as well as all the contact details and product specialties of each On-Location Supplier.
  • Regular Specials which you can mail or SMS to your client data base.
  • Only quality products, including a focused accommodation range.
  • Payment by Direct Deposit in $AUD.


All About Maestro

The Maestro network includes Members in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia, and encompasses more than 80 travel advisors. Maestro provides core benefits, products, and resources to Members for just one consolidated annual investment.


Maestro's "Brand" is your Brand

Maestro's marketing is singularly focused on the individual member's identity. Simply stated, it's all about your brand. Maestro creates a number of consumer privileges in all areas of the business - from exclusive benefits, to email marketing to direct mail brochures — that are personalized with your own agency identification. Maestro's approach is a true white label to enhance your own brand.

Maestro works for you

Maestro works for you. Our aim is to increase your profits and grow your business. It is your success that makes us successful, and we will ensure that we provide you the Products and the marketing initiatives and opportunities that will build your success.

Our Experience

Maestro's success is driven by a team with decades of experience in understanding the day-to-day challenges faced by front-line travel consultants and agency management. Our senior management have owned their own Travel Agencies, worked in wholesale (In-bound and outbound) and even owned their own luxury wholesaler. Maestro adapts to market changes in a manner that reflects and supports each member’s unique business model and objectives, always striving to do for members what may be difficult for them to do for themselves.

 Exclusive Products

Maestro provides members with a wide range of unique privileges that help close sales and build client loyalty. In addition, Maestro's portfolio of On-Location Specialists provides access to the finest providers of customized travel experiences around the globe. 

 Why Join Maestro?

There are many reasons to be part of a strong membership coterie – buying power, brand recognition, access to exclusive programs, and economies of scale. But with Maestro, there’s something more – our focus on your needs and your business. Your success is our only business. Every strategy, every tactic, every program and service we develop places the needs of the member front and centre. We are your true business partners

 1. Higher Commissions

Maestro's suppliers offer Net pricing for all Maestro member agencies. You will regularly be able to make more than 18% commission on your sales through the Maestro suppliers.

 2. Client Upgrades and Special Offers

Our Maestro Select accommodation program introduces your clients to space available upgrades upon check-in, inclusive breakfasts and in-house offers.

 4. Maestro Magic

Our yearly conference and training weekend where you will meet Suppliers, join discussion groups, learn more about the products and learn about marketing and sales techniques that will enhance your business.

 5. Exclusive Supplier Relationships

Maestro Member agencies enjoy exclusive relationships with outstanding travel providers.

 Our Consultants


At Maestro, the greatest assets are our Member’s travel consultants. We make sure that they have the resources, training and support they need to succeed. Maestro travel advisors have an average of over 10 years of experience in the travel industry. They only work in Agencies that are fully licensed and insured. They are passionate about travel and confident in their ability to book their clients’ dream holidays.

Our Consultants have:

  1. Experience
  2. A passion for travel
  3. An ability to think outside the box
  4. A strong desire to succeed

Maestro Owners and Managers Forum

Here is a chance to meet with your peers and discuss the future directions of Maestro with the Board. This forum takes place during the Maestro Magic weekend.

 Famil/Educational Opportunities

Maestro’s Suppliers create opportunities for Maestro members to experience their products, services and destinations first-hand. The more you sell, the more you will learn from first-hand experience which you can pass on to your clients and your colleagues.


Our consultants understand our destinations, and can provide their clients with loads of ‘insider’ knowledge – great off the beaten track ideas, restaurant favourites, hip bars, shopping tips and more. Your clients will be impressed with your knowledge and understanding.

Global Partners

As a member of Maestro, you have 35 of the world’s top DMC’s working for you. Covering 44 countries these on-location operators enable you to create fabulous experiences and itineraries for your clients. Ask for ideas, and they will be happy to give you unique alternatives not usually available to tourists, as well as their insider knowledge about what’s hot, the ‘must see’ sites and a wealth of other knowledge and help.

1. On-Location Suppliers

Authenticity… It’s what the majority of your clients are looking for. Your access and professional relationship with some of the World’s most impressive product providers will allow you to provide experiences your clients could never access on their own. We pre-qualify our On-Location Suppliers, ensuring that they are able provide the industry’s highest standards, and then continually monitor them for the highest levels of service. You should think of them as an extension of your brand and your agency. Many of our Maestro On-Location partners offer dedicated staff just for Maestro members. As you get to know them with each booking you put through, you will build relationships with the very people who choose and know and monitor every one of the products they provide. Our website has an easy online inquiry tool created specifically to make your process faster and more convenient.

 2. Maestro DMC’s and Specialty Suppliers Offer:

  • On the ground assistance, 24/7 for your clients.
  • Specially designed experiences in every one of our destinations.
  • “Insider” access to special places and even people that your clients cannot find anywhere else, and especially on the Internet.
  • Access to experiences of arts and culture, food and wine, natural environs, local cultures, history, cooking classes, dance classes, private tours and sightseeing.
  • Many of our Suppliers can arrange private access to museums and galleries as well as private collections.
  • Small ship cruising and private yacht charters.
  • Famous rail journeys.
  • Sport and special interest holidays eg.  Golfing, biking, trekking, rafting, skiing (inc heli-skiing), heli-hiking and many more.
  • Wildlife safaris and expeditions.


You will have secure Password access to parts of our website which introduce our wonderful On-Location DMC’s and Specialty Suppliers. You can send out an immediate Booking request, ask questions, introduce yourself, or attach an itinerary you would like to be quoted on. The website consumer section has Specials and loads of destination information for your clients.